Authenticity works wonders* in marketing.

*up to 91% more effective, to be precise.

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Your social media is worth a lot

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Connus allows you to get in touch with the best content creator for your target audience.

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So, do you feel like working together? All you have do to is match.

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Work together

In as little as 30 minutes, you’re able to start working together with a content creator of your choice.

What our creators have to say

No more long preparation before reaching out to a company. With Connus, I immediately know: If we match, we can work together.

What I love most about Connus? It's accessible for all kinds of content creators, not just the more 'famous' ones.

Power to the real ones.

Nano and micro content creators have a quality that can’t be matched: authenticity.

With a low cost to advertise, less complexity and high credibility, there's a perfect match for every aspiring brand.

Time to connect with your audience.

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