The benefits of
influencer marketing
for your brand

Connus makes influencer marketing more transparent, simple, accessible and budget-friendly for start-ups, SMEs and large corporations.

Quickly find the right influencer

Without having to scroll endlessly on social media. You log in to Connus, set your filters and let our software do its job. A few seconds later, you see a list of suitable content creators that perfectly match your requirements. Fast and efficient!

All the information you need in a clear overview

Before you contact an influencer, you can access all their statistics through Connus. Their potential reach, engagement rate, carrying capacity on their active platforms and cost. This allows you to confidently select the perfect content creator for your campaign, with complete transparency. 

Efficient communication

Once a content creator confirms the match and expresses interest in working with you, communication can take place conveniently through Connus’ chat function. This eliminates the need for endless email exchanges and keeps all conversations in one place, providing a clear overview of your correspondence.

Clear compensation

How you compensate the content creator is no longer the elephant in the room. Influencers state in their profiles what fees they accept (cash, experience and/or product). You have a complete cost picture in advance. What you see is what you pay.

This is how Connus works

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You create a profile for free


Explore the platform for free, use the filters to find content creators and view information about influencers.
You only pay from the first match.

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Create Company Profile
Finding content creators through the +50 filters
See overview of suitable content creators
Consulting statistics of content creators (limited)

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1 match **


3 matches/month ***

* All rates listed do not include VAT.
** Do you want more than 1 match? Then choose a subscription or pay per additional match.
*** This subscription includes 3 matches per month. Need more matches? Then our pay-per-match system comes into effect, i.e. you pay per extra match.

Powerful word-of-mouth advertising

91% of consumers make a purchase based on positive experiences from family, friends or acquaintances. Because they also trust the opinions of influencers, they often need only that to convince themselves of a product or service.

Influencer marketing is the digital word-of-mouth advertising. That such advertising is very powerful is something we have all experienced.

Content creators have a lot of influence on the buying behavior of their community. Social media accounts of such brand ambassadors are like megaphones that promote your product or service in an authentic, effective and measurable way.

In short: influencer marketing is very powerful. At the push of a button, a content creator puts your company in the spotlight with thousands of consumers. A boost to your brand visibility and customer trust.

What is influencer marketing anyway?

There is much more to influencer marketing than just word of mouth. Influencer marketing involves companies partnering with online content creators to highlight products or services to their specific target audience.

It ranges from product placement and sponsored posts to social media takeovers and event activations. In recent years, influencer marketing has gained tremendous momentum.

If you want to use influencer marketing in an efficient, affordable and authentic way, start with Connus.
The wingman between brands and creators.

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