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Very dynamic and young team always ready if there are any questions. I am passionate about travel and my page also revolves around that. With Connus, my feed is only with companies in the same segment. Unbelievable platform because this way collaborations are made with brands where there is a real match. Win-win for both.


Young driven company that listens carefully to our needs and takes into account limited resources to then deliver a customized proposal. Very open and transparent in their communication and proactively thinking with the customer, which I can greatly appreciate. Highly recommended!

Jarno Moeykens

Very satisfied with our collaboration with the young, dynamic and motivated Connus team. Smooth communication, good follow-up and a super result. Highly recommend!

Bettina Migerode

Fantastic service. Everything customized to your requirements. Always available for further questions. Highly recommended!!

Jorrik Severins

Why influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is getting more and more results. Whereas just a few years ago few companies were working with content creators, influencer marketing is now a crucial and essential part of the marketing mix!

Not surprising when you see the benefits of influencer marketing:

In short: as true brand ambassadors, content creators give your products and services exposure in their community. In other words: your brand gets a familiar face.

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