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The Struggle: How To Get Your Content Seen?

Have you been posting beautiful content on Instagram, but, unfortunately no one has seen it? As we all know, Instagram has a very particular algorithm that has changed over the years. The algorithm decides whether or not your content will be seen and by who. Instagram is quite secretive about the algorithm but research has found that there are some things to keep in mind to make the algorithm love you! And we are happy to share them with you. ✨

Qualitative and consistent content

Both quality and consistency are extremely important! When posting a picture or video, make sure it is of good quality, and preferably give it a personal touch. Secondly we recommend posting consistently. The algorithm will love you more when you have a specific posting routine, for example, when you post every wednesday at 6pm than if you post randomly every few months. A posting routine can be difficult to manage sometimes, therefore we recommend using a planning tool to pre plan your content. Some platforms we use are Willow, Later, Loomly and Hootsuite.

Instagram Bio

Optimizing your bio is crucial, as it is the first thing potential followers look at. It should contain all the information they have to know about you and your content. Those keywords added in your bio should align with your niche, because they might attract a certain audience who look up those specific keywords, which can give you exposure.

Hashtag strategy

Hashtags are a great way to reach new people. You are able to add 30 hashtags per post, although Instagram recently came out with a post on the official Instagram Creators account that 3 ‑ 5 hashtags get the best results. Make sure your hashtags align with you and resonate with your content to get the most out of it. Don’t hesitate to be original and mix both basic as out‑of‑the‑box hashtags in your copy. That way you will definitely.

Location tag

This one might be an obvious one, but adding a location tag makes you visible to everyone who searches for that certain location. Don’t underestimate this option because it can give you a broader reach and more engagement.


To favor the algorithm and get your content seen, it is useful to follow trends. These trends can vary from certain types of stories, like the ‘add yours’ stories at the moment, to posts and reels. These reel trends are usually very similar to TikTok trends, like the police car one going around now.

Co creation posts

We also suggest using Instagram’s latest feature: the co‑creation post. Posting a co‑creation post with a brand or fellow influencer is a good way of instantly gaining more exposure. Don’t know what this feature is exactly? Well: now a post can be created by one user, who invites another user to be a collaborator on that post. When the collaborator accepts, the post will be shown on both accounts and to both of their followers.

Explore page

The ultimate goal here is to get on the explore page. The explore page shows a variety of content a person might be interested in. When your post comes on here, it will reach thousands of other instagram users who are interested in the type of content you make. They might have never come across your profile otherwise. How exactly the algorithm works to get on the explore page is not fully known. However we expect the key to this to be a lot of engagement on a specific post from your followers which then leads to the algorithm believing that the content is worthy of being featured.


We have seen that there are some important things to keep into consideration before posting on social media if you want to achieve a higher reach. Posting content consistently is key! Make sure your bio is fully optimized. When possible, use the co‑creation feature to post on your feed. Also, use relevant hashtags and the location tag for your audience so you can be found easily by other relevant followers. And remember: when plenty of people interact with and view your post, it will appear at the top of their feeds and maybe even on the explore page.

We wish you the best of luck! If you need support, you know where to find us.

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